Meryna draws on the theoretical concepts of Gestalt Psychotherapy, as well as other modalities that feed into drama and art therapy, to structure workshop sessions. This practically involves developing good ‘contact’ functions- such as listening, tasting, touching, feeling, expressing curiosities and thoughts- with a focus on an in-the-moment dialogic process. As humanistic practises, for example, Gestalt therapy, there is an assumed belief in innate human health and creativity, which may not conform to a defined ‘normal’, based on statistical social averages, and is particularly complementary to work with the creative arts.

There are other schools of thoughts, including Appreciate Inquiry and various meditative practises, which Meryna taps into, to pepper or marinate particular workshop sessions. For more information on Gestalt therapy, please refer to this comprehensive article Gestalt Therapy: An Introduction by Gary Yontef.