Meryna combines different art mediums, from drawing and writing to drama and music, to facilitate artistic expression, dialogue and experimentation. The creative arts can allow us to be present in-the-moment, to energetically focus on a particular task, which can help build trust for authentic dialogue, beyond a conceptual or/and intellectual debate.

Games and exercises are selected depending on the specific objective of a workshop and project, be this therapeutic, intercultural dialogue, artistic etc. At each workshop session, these exercises are selected to help participants attune themselves to the moment, interact with others in the group and ultimately expand their perceptual awareness. This is then followed by a feedback session, where individuals in the group are invited to share some of their experiences, i.e.,  feeding-back to the group. This allows group members to connect to themselves first, and then to one another, and if there is a specific theme, e.g., identity and belonging or releasing creativity, then the discussion is generally directed in that area of interest.

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi presents his theory of Flow, which relates to the idea of the effect of particular activities on our state of being.  Csikszentmihalyi TED Talk can be viewed here.