This is a way of using the process of creating an art or theatre piece to generate dialogue in the community. The process of creation is emphasised, not simply the final product, and depending on particular project aims and objectives, a workshop group may or may not exhibit or perform their final works to a public audience. Whenever possible, Meryna believes that each group can come to a mutual decision on how they might to share their work and with whom. For example, if the aim of a project is therapeutic, then a sharing may take place within the group or with friends and family, and if the aim is to create a performance piece, then relevant team members, with an experience in a relevant artistic profession, like a theatre director, would facilitate this process to create a product with artistic integrity.


We use the experiences generated from participating in creative processes to help bring people together, which need not directly relate to a particular faith, ethnicity, nationality or race. We also include communities united by common ideas, interests and social values, again, inviting participants and facilitators to bring whatever parts of their identity they most identify with in the context of a given project. A community project may involve integrating performers of Middle Eastern origins to connect and create a platform for artistic expression, which they can identify with artistically as well as culturally.