Robin Shohet

Robin trained as a psychologist and a teacher before moving on to do residential social work in a therapeutic community with people coming out of psychiatric hospital.  He co-founded the Centre for Supervision and Team Development (, training supervisors in many different professions.  He has been connected to the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in Scotland for twenty years, and has facilitated two international conferences on forgiveness there, as well as founding the Findhorn Playback Theatre company.  A writer and editor of books on dreams and supervision, his book Supervision in the Helping Professions has been translated into eight languages.  HIs work has a strong spiritual dimension based on A Course in Miracles, emphasising the importance of relationship for healing. Robin writes:

“Ever since I was a child wanting to bring my parents together I have had a great wish to see harmony in couples, families, communities and teams of all kinds.  The highlight of my working life was organising two international conferences on forgiveness where we looked at healing through different modalities, especially storytelling.  I feel honoured to be part of Meryna with its emphasis on community and healing.”