Hemi Yeroham

Hemi is a working actor in film, theatre and radio. Born in Istanbul, he moved to London to study Musical Theatre at the Guilford School of Acting. Hemi set up TheatreMania, where he and his team of teachers use drama, puppetry, music and dance to build confidence, interpersonal skills and facilitating learning for pre-school children (2-5 years). He met Tara in 2011, whilst performing with Conflict Relief, a comedy group formed as a response to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Hemi lives in Brixton, where he believes the local communities have been able to slow down the unstoppable changes that face people living in the centre of metropolitan cities. He believes in social change, LGBT rights, equal opportunities for all and the right to high quality education for everyone and has been actively supporting the recent activities in Turkey, his home country.