Ayesha Ghanchi

Ayesha Ghanchi has developed and delivered a wide range of education and arts projects over the past 12 years, working as an independent artist; an educator in museums and a strategist in the education sector (third sector). She is currently undertaking a PhD at Goldsmiths College University and Tate, examining artist education practice and pedagogy, paying attention to how artists’ can help create transformative experiences. Throughout her practical and academic careers, Ayesha has paid a particular attention to socially engaged arts and education practice. Her experience ranges from running an alternative schools programme for socially excluded young Londoners to gain creative multimedia skills;  running ‘drawing and identity’ workshops in the Palestinian West Bank, to most recently designing and delivering painting workshops for Palestinian refugees based in Lebanon. She also has developed partnerships with major galleries and museums and ‘hard to reach’ communities in London and worked within the education team at Tate Modern and The British Museum developing activities and projects that encourage debate and reflection.