Support Network

And so I fell off the blogpost wagon, but with one week left of IamResilience Lebanon, I want to share a few words, particularly on the topic of support. Volunteers I gave a short and informal presentation about IamR’s current work to Lebanese youth organisation LoYAC, after a friend, Suad Amin-Jarrar, put me in touch to potentially invite more volunteers to help in the second cycle of works….


A dance

This week has seen the IamResience project work settle into mini-routines and rituals, as workers and camp residents alike have grown more accustomed to one another, and we continue to find ways of working with one another. The children know which sessions they belong to, gathering into groups of three with relative ease: the two original groups of 7-9 and 10-12 years, and we have also incorporated the…

Photo by Hussein Soueidan

Two-way Resilience

Since my arrival into Beirut, I have had two site visits to the Syrian refugee camp in the south (between Saida and Sur/ Tire and Sidon) and some major ‘tweaks’ to the current project plan. Feeling positive and excited to start workshops this Monday, though with bouts of on-the-ground reality, I’ve had moments of doubt. Recalling historian Lesley Hazelton‘s TED talk, on the doubt essential to faith (be it…


a different seedling

I can’t say that setting-up Meryna has not been a lifetime dream. I worked freelance for different organisations, on projects that relate to most of Meryna’s Guiding Objectives, with no ambitions to set-up an organisation of any kind. I’m not a natural leader (whatever that might mean!), coordinator or even, administrator- there’s a drama every year with my own dreaded Tax Return form, which I blame on a…