Tarek's second visit saw the parents and children take more responsibility over their appearances, and how they might like to be perceived.

Wrapping-up on-the-ground

Officially, fieldwork for IamResilience Lebanon is now over, and I am preparing to head back to the UK in a few days. Creative-therapeutic workshops finished over a week ago, and last week saw four main activities at the camp, which intended to help wrap-up to prepare the community (and the project team) for the project’s end. Wall Mural A collaborative effort between Naked Wagon, LoYAC Lebanon, CCECS and Meryna…


Support Network

And so I fell off the blogpost wagon, but with one week left of IamResilience Lebanon, I want to share a few words, particularly on the topic of support. Volunteers I gave a short and informal presentation about IamR’s current work to Lebanese youth organisation LoYAC, after a friend, Suad Amin-Jarrar, put me in touch to potentially invite more volunteers to help in the second cycle of works….


Unleashing the End!

The end of the first work cycle of IamResilience- five weeks from 26th May to 27th June- and due to begin again from Monday 28th July for another five weeks. There’s so much to say, and yet, as I sit surrounded by my case notes and archive of photographs and film recordings, I can only feel the tiredness piled from weeks of Go-go-go! This blogpost isn’t an overview of…


A dance

This week has seen the IamResience project work settle into mini-routines and rituals, as workers and camp residents alike have grown more accustomed to one another, and we continue to find ways of working with one another. The children know which sessions they belong to, gathering into groups of three with relative ease: the two original groups of 7-9 and 10-12 years, and we have also incorporated the…