Tarek's second visit saw the parents and children take more responsibility over their appearances, and how they might like to be perceived.

Wrapping-up on-the-ground

Officially, fieldwork for IamResilience Lebanon is now over, and I am preparing to head back to the UK in a few days. Creative-therapeutic workshops finished over a week ago, and last week saw four main activities at the camp, which intended to help wrap-up to prepare the community (and the project team) for the project’s end. Wall Mural A collaborative effort between Naked Wagon, LoYAC Lebanon, CCECS and Meryna…


Arab Spring- English Autumn

Arab Spring-English Autumn is a creative and therapeutic exploration of how young people of Middle Eastern origin identify with their countries of origin and with the concept of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’. Drama, art and movement therapy approaches will be used to facilitate expression and sharing within the group. There will be a particular focus on media portrayals of Middle Easterners and how this may affect an individual and…


IamResilience, Lebanon 2014

IamResilience is a 10-week pilot project, which has recently been completed (June- September 2014) working with women and children living in a Syrian refugee camp in South Lebanon. This is a collaboration between Meryna and The Centre for Civic Engagement and Community Service (CCECS) at The American University of Beirut, Lebanon, as well as Lebanese youth group LoYAC. Addressing all the children currently living in the camp, IamR ran creative-therapeutic…


Stories, UK 2013

Stories my mother told me (or Stories for short) me was a pilot community initiative, which invited different communities of the Iraqi diaspora in London to engage in inter-communal dialogue, with the primary aim of community support and cohesion. Six workshops implemented a developing methodological approach, combining creative art and theatre practises with Gestalt psychotherapy, encouraging participants to be present and accepting of one another’s differences during group…


Harissa, UK 2011

A community theatre project, led by Josh and Tara, under the charity The MUJU Crew, which brings British Muslims and Jews together through a shared passion for creating art. Supported by Faith Matters and The Tricycle Theatre, Harissa devised a piece of theatre from true World War II stories and performed this at The Tricycle in 2011.  


Basra Workshops, Iraq 2013

Under Iraqi-American charity Living Light International , Tara Jaffar Designed led transdiciplinary creative-therapeutic workshops for children from an orphanage (7-19 years) and those living on the dump-yard area in Basra (7-12 years). The objective of the workshops was to build self-confidence, instil trust within a group dynamic, and develop focus, grounding, as well as relaxation techniques for the older teenage groups. Sessions were based on group therapy process,…


Dibbiye Mural, Lebanon 2012

Ayesha spent a month in Lebanon working with young people from Bourj el Barajneh and Nahr Bared Palestinian refugee camps to create pictures on walls at the beautiful campus at ULYP (Unite Lebanon Youth Project), Dibbiye. For many of the children that visit, it is a respite from their lives in their refugee camps as well as enrichment through creative play. The project aimed for the young people to…