Stories, UK 2013

Stories my mother told me (or Stories for short) me was a pilot community initiative, which invited different communities of the Iraqi diaspora in London to engage in inter-communal dialogue, with the primary aim of community support and cohesion. Six workshops implemented a developing methodological approach, combining creative art and theatre practises with Gestalt psychotherapy, encouraging participants to be present and accepting of one another’s differences during group process.

This project was the first of its kind, attracting an incredibly rich diversity of London residents with Iraqi heritage, who would have no impetus to meet and interact on this level. Stories was commissioned by The Iraqi Cultural Centre in London, with additional funding by The British Institute for the Study of Iraq, and was led by Tara Jaffar and Josh Azouz. Khalid Ramzi was invited to photograph and sketch, as a parallel artistic experience to the dialogic processes.

For more information, you can view a digital Stories Pamphlet, kindly designed by graphic designer Makram Daou in Beirut, Lebanon, with quotes from participant feedback.

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