Basra Workshops, Iraq 2013

Under Iraqi-American charity Living Light International , Tara Jaffar Designed led transdiciplinary creative-therapeutic workshops for children from an orphanage (7-19 years) and those living on the dump-yard area in Basra (7-12 years). The objective of the workshops was to build self-confidence, instil trust within a group dynamic, and develop focus, grounding, as well as relaxation techniques for the older teenage groups. Sessions were based on group therapy process, in particular Gestaltian psychotherapy, with a focus on creative games and exercises designed to help children gently vent forceful ‘aggressive’ energies. This involved drama, movement, dance and musical improvisations. An older group of adolescent girls also participated in meditative exercises (Sufi), which ranged from chanting, breathing and active listening to classical Arabic music.